Rig / Script


pythonVariable FK/IK
pythonControl Creator
python AutorigV2
pythonSplit Joint
pythonJoints On Curve
mel Super Connection Editor.
melAutorig and Animation Tool.


Variable FK / IK (python)

This script create a tentacule. It s a variable FK or IK system.
You can change the order and the position of all controls without probleme and you can choose the falloff you want.



Control Creator (Python)

This script create a new control, you can chose the color add a hook or/and a secondary control.
You can also add to the library some custom control to keep them foreverer.



WIP: autorig V2 (Python)

Currently, I am working on a new autorig. Three tabs: bipede, quadrupede(for a classic rig) and advanced, which allows us to create a monster with two heads, six arms, three legs and nine tails if we want. And we can choose what we want on this rig: IK or FK , bend , stretch etc…



Joints on Curve (pyhton)

This script allow you to put a chaine of joint along a curve
You have just to select your curve(s) and say how many you want bones.



Split Joint (python)

This script allows you to split one or more joints with the same orient as your  « joint to split ».
You have just to select your joint(s) and say how many bones you want.





Super Connection Editor (Mel script)

The Super Connection Editor ( SCE) gives the possibility to connect an attribute on one or more attributes and/or one or more objects.



Autorig and Animation Tool (Mel script)